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Jamie Bamber: beach photoshoot

April 2013




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Jan. 21st, 2020

Jamie Bamber: beach photoshoot

Fanfics List

Author's Note  - Some of the fanfics are in this journal as well but you had to look for them since apparently, my links for them doesn't quite work at all :( but thanks for the head-up, Gabi for telling me that! :)

Without a Trace - (Mostly Martin POV and paired up with an OFC)

A Day of Sickness (Nine chapters ~ 16,136 words) - READ HERE! - FF.net *completed*

Father's Day (Eight chapters ~ 13,763 words) - READ HERE! - FF.net *completed*

In the Middle of the Night (One-shot ~ 1,670 words) - READ HERE! - FF.net *completed*

Life, Unexpected (Fifteen chapters ~ 35,018 words) - (Will upgrade every two or three or depending on my mood at the moment chapters!) READ HERE! - FF.net *current one*

More Fishes in the Sea (Thirteen chapters ~ 23,676 words) - READ HERE! *on hiatus*

Sweet Little Child of Mine (Twenty-four chapters ~ 73,785 words) - READ HERE! *completed*

Finding Out (Nine chapters ~ 14,583 words) - READ HERE! *completed*

The New Girl in the MPU (Sixteen chapters ~ 20,186 words) - READ HERE! *completed*

Criminal Minds - (Just started it! Hotch/OFC)

Your First Case (Twelve chapters ~ 19,819 words) - READ HERE! - FF.net *current one*

Apr. 28th, 2013


My creative muse got me today...

I created not one, but two fan videos today. The 1st one is of Tristan and Isolde from Merlin, using Dashboard Confessionals' "Stolen" and the latest one is of Rachael Stirling's character, Urusla Brangwen from Women in Love, using Florence + the Machine's "Over The Love." Also, notice the same older blonde actor in both videos? Muahahahahahahahaha...

Tristan and Isolde ~ Stolen ~ Merlin [Fanvideo]

Rachael Stirling ~ Urusla Brangwen ~ Over The Love ~ Women in Love

Apr. 27th, 2013

LOUK: James Series 3 Promo

Hello from the grave!

I haven't been on LJ for well, a while because tumblr and twitter took most of my internet time. Nothing life-changing in the fandom life, expect you counts watching too much TV series and films, and moderating a fan tumblr. I recently starting making fan videos, of Ben Daniels. Yes, I became a more devoted fan of his and it ruined my life. :/ I am hoping to do more of these fan videos soon since I enjoyed the process of making one. Simple editing since I use Windows Movie Maker and Sony Vegas confuse me! LOL

Ben Daniels ~ Burning Love [Clips used are from Don't Dress For Dinner, Romeo and Juliet, and Lark Rise to Candleford].

Ben Daniels ~ Rushton ~ Shattered ~ Lark Rise to Candleford (1x05)

Jun. 7th, 2012

smiling, Ben Daniels: tipping, cute

Writer's Block: Fashion Bug

If you could bring back certain fashions or hairstyles that are no longer in style, what would they be? Why do you want to revive them?

View 44 Answers

Maybe I watch too much period dramas, but I could bring back the styles from the Victorian to post World War II eras. Especially their dresses...so gorgeous to look at! My eyes were full of envy. Heck, I could wear a corset! From this, the ladies and gentlemen looks like that they puts the right amount of effort into their clothes so they won't look like a mess. I think that need to come back.

May. 23rd, 2012

Ben Daniels: Luise Miller

Writer's Block: Wishing Well

Which character from a book do you wish you could be for a day? Why do you find them so interesting (or fun or exciting)?

View 60 Answers

I would pick Margaret Hale from North and South. Don't know why, but either that I admired her strong character or would want John Thornton to fall in love with me?

Apr. 26th, 2012

LOUK: Matt/Alesha

Latest writing piece...

On violence. And Law and Order: UK was brought into mind. So yes, I used it as an example for the piece. Go ahead and read it.

"Don't Be the Victim, Be the Survivor"Collapse )

Apr. 25th, 2012

Jamie with stunnas

Never been into fashion...

But I think that I'm becoming addicted to Polyvore. Joined up last year for fashion advice, but I never gave advice or suggestions for others. Until recently, I gave advice maybe twice or three times and someone sent me a message today to join their group. In a matter of a hour, I got so into making sets that I made three today.

Look here if you want to see them (made an Anna Karenina and an Irene Adler from Sherlock one): http://lindy52.polyvore.com/

Apr. 21st, 2012

Doctor Who: The Two Doctors

One more thing before bedtime...

Jackson Lake and the Master in BBC's State of Play (a great mini-series I started watching). Never thought of this before. Nighty-night.


Apr. 16th, 2012

Ben Daniels: Smiling in Garden

Writer's Block: Words of Comfort

"What is your favorite place to curl up and read a new book? What are you reading now that you can't wait to get back to once your day is done?"

I like reading at my chair near the desk. I tried reading on my bed a few times, but I ended up having the urge to fall asleep. I don't know about the second question because "Sula" is a bit meh for my taste; but if earlier - "Slaughterhouse-Five". Excellent book!

Apr. 15th, 2012

Whitechapel: Megan Riley - Omigod!!

Baby did a bad bad thing...

A recent fanvideo rec...River Song, Irene Adler, and Alice Morgan are several of the best female characters on TV, in my opinion. And this is so frickin' amazing to watch. Praise for British TV in bringing fierce back. Yup. ;)

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